Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Those anti-gay marriage ads won't pay for themselves

Of course he did...
Is anyone really surprised that Mitt Romney’s latest federal tax return shows most of his charitable giving has gone to the Mormon church and related organizations? These includes Mormon organizations that in recent years cannot charitably be described as anything but homophobic—whether funneling big bucks into state ballot measures to oppose gay marriage or into ‘ re-education’ to turn gays into straights. These stances are not very different from the Catholic Church, which, like Mormons, also opposed the Equal Right Amendment for women.
Naturally, nobody but us "weird" liberals thinks this raises a question of how Romney would actually govern.


Athenawise said...

At this point, if you don't know how Romney would govern, somebody should tell you the Two Big Lies: 1) "The check is in the mail" and 2) "I promise I won't come in your mouth."

pansypoo said...

does mittens even understand the hours he will have to do as preznit?