Sunday, September 16, 2012

See what you're missing "Smart People"

In not joining the GOP?


Montag said...

What's next? The Soviet Union is bent on world domination?

pansypoo said...

but have we forgotten POLAND?

Anonymous said...

Liz is right... let's liberate Czechoslovakia from the Communist yoke of oppression NOW!

Send in the Marines!


Um, oh, yeah, Ms. Cheney, now that gays can serve openly, you will be signing up for service, won't you?

StonyPillow said...

Ah, I figured it out. She's talking about Obama's 2009 decision to pass on "protecting" Poland and the Czech Republic by placing Anti-Ballistic Missiles in their countries. Never mind that the people of the Czech Republic didn't want 'em, that they threw out the government that agreed to that madness, and that the missiles were one of the most boneheaded, destabilizing decisions of the Bush Administration.

Neocon-speak, it's like Jehovah's Witness-speak or Scientology-speak. Their words may be English, but their language is Cult.

Anonymous said...

Damn liberal media again!!!

jimmiraybob said...

Retroactive, people. Think retroactive. Obama did not retroactively save Czechoslovakia!

It's like "you people" know nothing at all about super powers.