Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How many factorials of doubling down are they up to now?

There's nothing so refreshing as hearing a right-wing operative pull out the kind of terminology you'd expect from some 1930s German-technocrat defending the T-4 program:
Conservative commentator Mary Matalin hailed Mitt Romney’s “47 percent” line on CNN as good news for Republicans.

“There are makers and takers, there are producers and there are parasites,” she said. “Americans can distinguish between those who have produced and paid in through no fault of their own and because of Obama’s horrible policies who cannot get a job or are underemployed. That’s what the campaign is about.”

That will really turn this around for Mittens -- are you or are you not a PARASITE?!



Anonymous said...

The right wing are nothing without a good boogeyman, but somehow I dont think this new one is going to scare anybody outside the bubble...

Anonymous said...

In Rwanda they called them Cockroaches.

jimmiraybob said...

I'm thinking that most people would like to eliminate harmful parasites. To reduce so much of the population to vermin in need of elimination sounds so familiar. Where have I heard that before? Where o where?

Oh yeah, Nazi propaganda about the Jewish parasite problem. That didn't turn out so well.

Anonymous said...

...said the brownshirt

jimmiraybob said...

I should have finished my thought. First you gets the propaganda then you gets the programs.

Now I have some parasite business to attend to.

Michael said...

After you gets the programs you gets the pogroms!

Raoul Paste said...

And what exactly does Matalin produce?

Bile doesn't count.

Anonymous said...

What does Matalin's comment even MEAN?

"Americans can distinguish between those who have produced and paid in through no fault of their own and because of Obama’s horrible policies who cannot get a job... "

Seriously, I can't even figure out what she's talking about here. Is she embracing the unemployed? Are there good, Republican unemployed and bad, not-Republican unemployed?

Anonymous said...

9:30, to your last question, EXACTLY!! Yes, you heard the blaring dog whistle correctly.

SFAW said...

Are there good, Republican unemployed ...

Yes, and they all wear good, Republican, cloth coats.

Apologies for the 60-year-old reference

Anonymous said...

Mary Matalin of course thinks that being a DC professional liar and worthless barnacle growing rich on our diseased political industry, doesn't make her a parasite.

Montag said...

Seems to me that the Repugs have pretty much given up on winning hearts and minds.

pansypoo said...

publikkklans kcling to their memes as strongly as their guns, it's THEIR TRUTCH DANGNABBIT!!!

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