Sunday, September 30, 2012

Once again

The vast majority of vote fraud occurs with Republicans.

Naturally, the only cure is to restrict the voting rights of groups that tend to vote for Democrats.


Montag said...

Well, see, if you're the minority, and you represent an even smaller minority, the 1%, you have to try harder, yes?

Let us not forget that this is how people rise in the Repug Party, by proving their election fraud bona fides. After all, that's what got William Rehnquist to Chief Justice--he made his Repug bones chasing away blacks and Latinos and Indians from the polls over fifty years ago. Karl Rove is now a behind-the-scenes Repug powerhouse by doing the same thing throughout his career.

The nastier you are, the more unscrupulous you are, the more valued you are by the Greedy Ol' Party.

In the old days, until you got caught. Now, not even getting caught matters to them--they're still hiring Nathan Sproul even after he was caught violating election law in 2008. I guess, in their minds, getting caught doesn't count, unless you also go to jail, which also doesn't happen these days unless you're a Democrat.

ajay said...

nice post

pansypoo said...

those who fear voter fraud are the ONLY ones committing it.