Tuesday, November 06, 2012

It's like the old National Enquirer Psychic Preditions Page

Only with a lot more Type-II Diabetes. Behold the National Review's prognosticators 2008.

Kenneth Blackwell, the precurser to a run of bad Ohio Secretaries of State opined:
Kenneth Blackwell The latest FOX News/Rasmussen Reports battleground poll presents a plausible scenario for a narrow John McCain victory. While most pundits have written McCain’s political obituary, he is extremely competitive in Florida (McCain leads 50 percent to 49 percent), North Carolina (McCain leads 50 percent to 49 percent), Missouri (tied at 49 percent) and Ohio (tied at 49 percent). Factor in Monday’s Mason-Dixon Virginia numbers (Obama leads 47 percent to 44 percent) and this election is far from over.

The other wild card is the upset brewing in Pennsylvania. The McCain campaign actually thinks it will win that state, giving them a lifesaving electoral firewall.
Final results 2008:

Florida: Obama by 3
North Carolina: Obama by 0.3
Missouri: -- McCain by 0.1 (blind squirrel alert)
Ohio: Obama by 4.6%
Pennsylvania: The "wild card" the "upset" the "life-saving firewall" -- Obama by 10.2%

See them in 2012.

Good luck seeing them all in 2016 because the mortality tables creep ever forward -- actually come to think of it they already are all different.   Transfats win again!

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