Friday, November 02, 2012

Outta steam

Oh poor Willard:
First of all, I'm stunned people show up to see Kid Rock perform, I think you'd get chlamydia just by being in the same general vicinity of that guy. But I'm sure it was something to watch people get the fuck out of there while Willard was touching base with "the common person".

Being in Des Moines, our one gift for putting up with the months of constant political ads is that on Monday afternoon Obama is going to be in the East Village (Des Moines' trendy spot just beneath the Capitol building) with some guy named Bruce Springsteen.

If nothing else, the Democrats always win the talent portion of the quadrennial beauty contest in a landslide. 


pansypoo said...

you be linked on democratic underground. and not by you!

jimmiraybob said...

I spent some time drinking in downtown Des Moines. To the best of my knowledge, there's no video evidence. Hope you get to see the Boss.