Friday, January 07, 2005

But, But, Where Can We Get the Mommified Loveliness of Kate O'Beirne?

Cancelled? Et tu, Capital Gang Gulag?
Other than FoxNews, where will I get my fix for:

The bitchiness.
The bitterness.
The nonsense.
The receeding jaw.
The shrewishness.
The incompetence.
The inanity.
The banality.
The buck-fiddy pastel pantsuit.
The lisp.
The inarticulateness.
The slovenly performed analysis.
The weasel-like features.
The vile-matronly demeanor.
The deceitfulness.
The evil air.
The awful dental work.
The giant head.
The pettiness.
The man-hands.
The implication of dangling genitalia.
The one.
The only.

As you can see, as she comes into focus, she just gets better looking, no?

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