Thursday, August 19, 2010

All forms of theocratic prophets on a cracker!

What the Republicans have in dishonesty, stupidity and thuggery, the Democrats make up in cravenness and cowardliness.

Howard Dean, go fuck yourself.

I'm generally against mindless worship of the Founders, as it is frankly dangerous to thoughtlessly worship the long-dead and buried.

But I'm sure glad that bunch, as 3/5ths imperfect as they were, came up with the Bill of Rights than to think what the modern cast of imbeciles and ciphers would fashion.


Raoul Paste said...

Et tu, Howard?
Huge disappointment from an otherwise sensible guy.

Major Woody said...

This is getting ridiculous. It's really time to do something like what happened in Seattle back when I used to live there. A popular nightclub/bar near UW burned down, and some guy bought the property to build another one. However, after the original place had opened Seattle had passed a law that no bar could open within 2 blocks (something like that) of a neighborhood church without the permission of the residents. The neighborhood association opposed reopening the pub since they wanted to grab more street parking for the residents (a good friend of mine was on that neighborhood association at the time). Since this was a new license, albeit in the same place an old bar had existed, they could say no to the new nightclub. Clever, eh?

However, they weren't playing with an amateur here. The guy built his nightclub, and opened it as a non-alcohol strip joint. No rules against that! The association tried and failed to get it shut down, then asked the owner if he'd rather not re-open the nightclub. He said no thanks, he was making a lot more money this way, but if they'd release all the reserved street parking in the area for the additional nightclub customers he'd need to break even, he'd do it. They gave up their reserved street spots, and the strip club changed into a nice microbrew bar. One of the few times I was glad to see a developer put one over on the local community.

Now, what could we open in the Burlington Coat Factory that'd make people demand an Islamic YMCA? Do Satan worshipers have some kind of place where they meet to listen to Marilyn Manson? Oh, I know, the CPUSA is based in New York, they should say they're going to move their headquarters there. I'll make a couple of calls.

DanF said...

Major Woody - Just tell them the ACLU is building an office there and watch the mouth foaming begin.

Montag said...

Major W.--I vote for the Osama bin Laden Kidney Research and Dialysis Center.

No need to deal from a new deck when you can just up the ante.

Atta, I'm wondering about how that Bill of Rights might look, too. Ain't a pretty thought, especially with so many crackerjack legal minds like Michele Bachmann's in the Repug party these days.

mbarnato said...

aack! Howard Dean reacted as if he knew nothing of the details of the community center. He's a detail-oriented guy and usually quite thoughtful in his responses. I'm surprised he didn't want to 'reconsider' what he said when given the opportunity to.

pansypoo said...

actually, now that i know it's an older building, i think the GOP needs to pony up to make the building better looking if they don't want the muslims have it. the islam thing should takke down a 70's piece of shit instead. the building across the street.

omen said...

i don't think dean was fully up to speed on the facts. he said something about it being on ground zero when that's not where it's going to be. he shouldn't be popping off like that if he's only casually informed. and why even inject himself on this topic?

did somebody in the establishment urge him to martyr himself to come out in support of moving the site in order to inoculate the party from being painted as pro muslim? cuz this stance is weirdly uncharacteristic of him.

omen said...

wonder if delaying the rebuilding of the wtc site an intentional political ploy meant to keep the issue raw and unresolved. there has been more than enough time to rebuild this thing.

and changing the design that looks nothing like the old towers, that'll stymie a sense of healing as well.