Thursday, August 19, 2010


Outrage as ESPN-UK insists on refusing to force the Godly American-style of sports down limey throats (undoubtedly stopped by room temperature beer and chips!)!

Not one link to Brett Favre on the front page!


Montag said...

Just think of how much fun Limpballs would be having if ESPN had assigned him to do color commentary for British soccer. He could have had many more important black players to rag on and he would have had the sport itself to shit on, too.

I wonder if his new bride has gotten used to the bedtimes sniffles and the whiny, "America hates me," routine yet?

pansypoo said...

go for the bitters. it colder.

omen said...

why would anyone want beer soup?

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I wonder in case his or her brand new bride has gotten used to the particular bedtimes sniffles and the whiny, "America despises me personally,Inches routine nevertheless?
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