Monday, August 30, 2010

Polling Place

So I received a card in the mail today: my polling place has been moved (yet again). It used to be down the street. Then it was around the corner. Now it's totally out of the damned way -- at least a half-mile from here and in the middle of nowhere.

Not sure who's in charge at the Board of Elections, but if I wasn't so sure that this was related to (still more) budget cuts, I'd wonder if someone didn't want me to vote.


Anonymous said...

now it's around the corner for other people, but yes, i agree. luckily mine has only moved once. but the fire station more fun

Olives and Arrows said...

Well, duh !
It's so obviously a plan to prevent many leftists from voting!

The strain of walking an entire half of a mile to vote will be alot to bear. After all, those that are pulling the strings know just how lazy most leftists tend to be....

Mr. Hedley Bowes said...

Some people don't want you to vote. Like the previous commenter, they're filled with contempt for you and whatever you stand for.

Cleveland Bob said...

Three words.

Vote. By. Mail.

It's cheaper, statistically more people vote if it's by mail and lastly, from an user friendly sense, it's easier to make careful deliberate choices instead of feeling rushed at the poll booths on the day.

I haven't stepped into a polling location in 10 years and I lurve it!