Wednesday, August 25, 2010


How do we all feel about Ken Mehlman's big gay coming out party?

Do we feel any different when we consider that Ken helped organize and operate the most homophobic presidential campaign in history?


MarkC said...

Donde esta Sr. Attaturk?

pansypoo said...

hopefully hiding the fez w/ sandy.

he didn't know?

Ken Mel said...

"So's George."

Sharon said...

He's scum. Coming out doesn't change that.

Harry R. Sohl said...

Bitch got caught bent over with her knickers down, guaranteed.

So she wipes the corners of her mouth, and announces her coming out.

Raoul Paste said...

Republicans are the biggest chumps in the universe.

Oblio's Cap said...

Ken is gay?!?! Who knew?

Other than everybody.

Anonymous said...

This is news?

Anonymous said...

Mehlman is a con artist trying to salvage a career. He's no longer wanted by the GOP and needs to have work. So he's going to become a crusader for gay marriage. Because he has a mansion and a yacht and these things need to be paid for.

I suppose it means something that he's not willing to fall over into crazytown with the rest of the GOP, but self interest is the least noble of all the motivations. He's got a gimmick that can get him into the news and he's using it to drum up work.

I would have been slightly more impressed if he'd done this before the Prop 8 nonsense in California, where it might have meant something. At this point it's become obvious that, barring an institution of American Theocracy by the Hutaree, gay marriage is now inevitable in my lifetime. So Mehlman just looks like a slimeball trying to get in front of the parade and look like a leader.


rapier said...

I don't understand how and why he got the job. That is the puzzle to me. My gaydar works poorly but the guy is fey enough and the topic was discussed enough at the time it seemed pretty obvious he wasn't a ladies man.

His selection was a Bush adminstration call since when a party has the White House the White House makes the call. That means Rove signed off on it. The one guy who is capable of 11 dimension political chess. I think he was spawning the end of the RNC so he could form his own private party funding mechanism, as he has now done. And he was playing a big joke. Proving as Steele does pretty much that Republicans will fall in line behind anyone the bosses tell them too.

Anonymous said...

He comes out now, when he's no longer in a job where it could hurt him. And he keeps right on donating to insanely-right Republican pols who support hurting the kind of gay who isn't a millionaire. As long as it doesn't hurt him, gay bashing is just great.

Sure, let's have a party and celebrate sincerity. Ken's got his. Fuck us.

Chairman Mo said...

I'm not ready to make nice.

Kenny, Mary Cheney, et. al. need to spend a long sabbatical in the wilderness contemplating all the other republicrap they've helped to foist upon the world before being readmitted to polite society.

He's not invited to MY BIG GAY DINNERPARTY.

omen said...

he stooped so low as to exploit his own daughter as a campaign prop during the '04 campaign, putting up a false image of traditional family values. he used his own daughter as a beard! coming out isn't good enough. if he was sincere, he would get down on his knees, grovel and apologize and beg for forgiveness, say he was wrong for stoking anti-gay bigotry and that'll he make amends. he also needs to apologize to his daughter.

instead, he's using his coming out as a platform to condemn islam.

Anonymous said...

speaking of Dick Cheney accepting people's sexual orientation, where is that bum? Still dicking with his ticker?

Anonymous said...

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