Friday, August 27, 2010

Dear New Jersey:

Greenwaldesque updates below!

Remember all of you who told me that you were voting for third-party candidate Chris Daggett because you just couldn't bring yourself to vote for John Corzine?

Looks like that was a $400 million Dollar mistake.

At least you've got "accountability" now.


Update: The GC makes a good point when he asks, "Shouldn't Christie fire himself?" Now that would be accountability.

Update: Wow. This is funny. And The GC chimes in again, "Maybe [Schundler] should just repackage his mortgage as a derivative, as he did with Jersey City’s debt. That was his claim to fame after all; he was a pioneer in securitizing municipal debt as a means of “balancing” the city budget."


Anonymous said...

this is why i just vote democrat. i reeely hated voting for leiberfuckenputz before he was fuckenputz.

JDM said...

Throw in New Jersey this time when we offer Queen Elizabeth Staten Island on her birthday. Maybe she'll forget and take both of 'em this year.

omen said...

well, you know, drugged out hippies are notoriously unreliable.