Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What "FREEDOM" taste like

Is the rapture coming soon, oh pretty please:

When does General Mills counter with MethBerry Crunch?


Athenawise said...

Sprinkle it over a donut bacon cheeseburger for added crunch and delight.

Anonymous said...

got to change things around here to keep the bowels moving.
Oatmeal must not do enough. It's a small change but there are lardbuckets who love it.vox

Banality and Evil said...

This is just one reason why we bomb them back to the Stone Age: Breakfast Pebbles in a cardboard box. Oh the Freedom!

Raoul Paste said...

Not far from "Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs" from Calvin and Hobbes.

pansypoo said...

more reason to get the cheap alternative sweet cereal. thank god for malt o meal.

better sweet wheat puffs anyways.