Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Now this is how it's done

Florida Goober-natorial candidate Rick Scott (R-Medicare Fraud) was going to hold a press conference saying he was as ethically clean as a newborn white baby in a holiday creche when the completely schadenfreudelicious occurred!


Anonymous said...

Served and Pureed, more like it, by a very quiet blender.vox

UncommonSense said...

It would be more effective if they had bothered to proof the text on the opening slate to make sure it said "He's" and not "Hes."

Somebody should be fired over that mistake. For realz.

jimmiraybob said...

Ahhh, the perfect nexus of "It's all about location" (three spatial dimensions) and "it's all about timing" (the fourth dimension).

This no doubt verifies Einstein's Theory of Relativity, Gravity and Movement Conservative Moronity.

Suck on it Andy Schlafly* & Imbecilipedia.

*this time I spell it correctly in tribute to Schlafly's Bottleworks up the street from me (no known relationship with the wingnut wing of the family).

pansypoo said...

but he wins. right?

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