Sunday, August 15, 2010

Always the victim, never the John

John Ensign has sent a fund-raising letter claiming the big bad liberals are out to get him -- apparently for encouraging him to sleep with his best friend's wife. All he had was a boner that needed relivin'? You know if we liberals are that powerful, why don't we have universal health care?

But I digress:

“I have taken responsibility for my actions and worked hard to become a better husband, father, friend, and senator, but I have been accused of doing things I absolutely did not do.”

Where to begin?

That mistake — this is just about sex! — did not lead to a “difficult legal battle.” Ensign is in legal jeopardy not because he slept with his wife’s best friend and his best friend’s wife — that never sounds less grotesque, does it? — but because of how he tried to cover it up, pay off the couple through Mom and Dad and then try to hush up the cuckolded husband by importuning people he regulates to hire him.

It all sounds so sleazy when it is accurately summarized.


Anonymous said...

As Mark Twain said about sneaking into forbidden swimming pools.."for we were little Christian children and had early been taught the value of forbidden fruit." (From "The Farm," in the summer edition of Granta.
and then we became good christian men, and continued in our little boy ways...vox

pansypoo said...

this is the height of sleeze. to ask for money. shit. dig in your own fucking pockets.

omen said...

apparently, anything goes with reid's ethics committee.

Montag said...

I'm surprised he's running again. As graceful an exit as he could manage would have been most appropriate.

But, running again and begging for money, too?

That's some chutzpah.