Monday, August 30, 2010

Quick Question

If Beck thinks he is the inheritor of the legacy of Martin Luther King, shouldn’t we judge him by the content of his character?

And isn’t that character wanting?


jimmiraybob said...

...shouldn’t we judge him by the content of his character?

I do. On the character scale for know-nothing, manipulating, self-agrandizing, sociopathic whores I score him very very high.

See, who says I can't say something positive about the Generalisimo del Teabaggastan Nationale.

Anonymous said...

beckkk has none.

omen said...

i seem to remember the tactic of co-opting your opponent's value system, turning it around and using it against them is a saul alinsky principle.

i was reminded of this when ralph reed on cspan used MLK's words against a caller objecting to the beck rally.

another caller wondered if king's niece was getting paid to provide cover for beck.

Anonymous said...

Mr Beck, I knew Martin Luther King, and you are not fit to claim his coat, much less wear it.