Monday, August 30, 2010

Can no one ask this asshole an obvious question

Pasty Anti-MLK Glenn Beck faces a rousing course of non-questions from FoxNews Sunday and his latest hilarious assertion:

Beck: Obama's comments on his Christian faith are "not something that most Christians recognize"

Guess what dumbshit? most Christians don't recognize that Jesus came to North America during the Farewell Tour, which is just one of the things you believe as a Mormon.

Dear Mr. Beck, please complete a sentence using these three words, if you are going to call others religious eccentrics...

"Mountain", "Meadows" and "Massacre".


Anonymous said...

as a good lutheran, i have issues with the CATHOLIC rligion. mormonism doesn't even come close to passing the smell test.

Anonymous said...

ok, bad lutheran.

omen said...

does beck wear magic underwear?

Anonymous said...

being a Catholic, I have issues with all religions, including mine. Beck has started his own religion, using one of the fundamental freedoms the writers of the constitution overlooked. Beck has no transcendent power other than Faux news, and the Koch folk.