Monday, August 23, 2010

But will Johnny McCain read it?

A great read about Nativism, immigration, and more by venerable labor historian, Eric Foner.  Here is a clip:

Adopted as part of the effort to purge the nation of the legacy of slavery, birthright citizenship remains an eloquent statement about the nature of our society and a powerful force for immigrant assimilation. In a world where most countries limit access to citizenship via ethnicity, culture or religion, it sets our nation apart.

Or at least, we used to recognize citizenship as stemming from more than ethnicity.  Today, not so much. 


JDM said...

Ignint tribalist retards.

jimmiraybob said...

Just to be clear, John McCain was a POW.


That is all.


Except maybe that Michael Moore is Fat and Obama is a secret Muslim warlord.

pansypoo said...

i read 'and they said we wouldn't fight', by floyd gibbons. even tho RECENT IMMIGRANTS OF MANY NATIONS, these men were willing to fight for their new country.

how did all these WHITE PEOPLE GET HERE? their ancestors were not all on the mayflower.