Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hey, New Yorkers?

I know the site of the former WTC is a very, very large area, so many things are within a block or two of the site.

But I was wondering, how many blocks away is Bernie Kerik's "do it suite" with Judy Regan to the site? I've always pictured it as like right-across from it. Meanwhile, how close is it to the sacred abandoned Burlington Coat Factory?

I just need to keep the location of all these things clear in my mind -- since we're dealing with the new Jerusalem here and all.


StonyPillow said...

Liberty View, a 28-story yellow brick tower two blocks southwest of the trade center at the corner of West Street and Third Place.
-- NYT, 12/15/04

res ipsa loquitur said...

Here. Look at this map. Show you directions from Bernie and Judith Regan's fuck palace to the "Ground Zero" mosque, with what normal people call "the world trade center site" in between.

daver said...

As I understand it this is supposed to be a community center, YMCA-like, where muslims, christians and jews can _reside_ and get along. (This project already has some history with that? - I'm not clear on it; someone let me know please...)

Here's a move they could make that would probably checkmate the dumbass bigots:

Make space there also for (better: make the mosque part also) a synagogue and a church. Get progressive clerics together for a place of worship that's a tribute to inter-faith harmony.

(Then let's see 'em bitch about that; they will fuck themselves up good.)

pansypoo said...

can we have a crusade on the cWusade?