Friday, August 20, 2010

Well, thank goodness

As already mentioned, Glenn Beck, last seen going into "true archeological" findings related to Native Americans (ask anyone with a seeing stone and a magic hat) is having a rally on August 28th. Specifically held on the same day and in the same place as Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech.

And why?
To "reclaim the civil rights movement."

Yes, because in the good ol' days of Washington civil rights rallies the original "owners" knew how to march!

But the other news is that now the world's proudest defender of a First Amendment cafeteria plan, Sarah Palin, will be helping Beck (and the NRA, in honor of MLK, of course) reclaim the civil rights movement as it used to be...a place for white conservatives to speak of the joys of saying "N-word", the insensitivity of "Muslims", and talk about the need for funny shows like "Amos-n-Andy" to come back. Hey, while she's at it, maybe Palin can reclaim contralto from Marian Anderson?

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Montag said...

So... Joseph Smith's cross-country Easter egg hunt is now enshrined in the annals of the Glenn Beck Angel Moroni School of Archeology, Divinity and Multilevel Marketing.

Glenn Beck University motto: "We don' need no stinking peer reviews."

As for this Aug 28th march, conservatives have been trying to co-opt King for years, thinking that's the way to lure black voters into their little clubhouse. Still, it's gonna be funny as hell watching Beck and Palin--in Washington, DC, of all places--claim King really meant that white people were oppressed.

It's too bad that tarring and feathering has gone out of fashion.

StonyPillow said...

Ted Nugent’s going to be there. He’s foursquare for your right to carry firearms. And your right to all the Bud your belly can hold. And then a few more cans.

These are important civil rights for Beck's Meth Militia.

jimmiraybob said...

Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin, reclaiming the Bull Connor wing of the civil rights movement?

Speaking of Nugent, I was flipping around the TV machine last night and came across a live band. My first thought was, what a hack guitar player and why is a garage band on TV? Turned out it was Ted the Noodge wearing native america headress and shooting a bow and arrow. Apparently he's taking back the struggle of the American Indian. Idiot.

pansypoo said...

i hope the counter demonstration uses ridicule.

Anonymous said...

It sure would be fun if Glenda showed up at the rally with the seer stones Uma and Thurman so he could reveal what God really want us to do for him.