Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The non-regulatory state

Or, as happens, when one company has both parties in it's pocket...


Investigators began examining conditions at the Wright County operation Aug. 12, the day before the company issued its first recall. Inspectors completed their work at that facility Aug. 30, according to documents released by the FDA.

They found:

•Barns with dozens of holes chewed by rodents that mice, insects and wild birds used to enter and live inside the barns;

•Flies on and around the egg belts and hen feeders;

•Manure built up in 4- to 8-foot-tall piles in pits below the hen houses, in such quantities that it pushed pit doors open, allowing rodents and other wild animals access to hen houses;

•Dozens of hens, which had escaped their cages, roaming freely, tracking manure from the pit to other caged parts of the barns;

•Hen houses with significant structural damage and improper air ventilation systems.

Investigators checked out the Hillandale site Aug. 19-26. Their tests of spent water from an egg wash station came up positive for salmonella, although it was not clear whether that contaminated water had been used to clean eggs, an FDA official said.

How does it get this bad?

Many of the eggs consumers eat are being produced by a shrinking number of farmers. There are 192 large commercial egg producers in the U.S. that control 95% of all the laying hens, compared with 2,500 in 1987

And Iowa, by far, the nation's largest producer of eggs, naturally has this element...

Iowa has far fewer rules regarding regular inspections of either farm or feed operations. That, along with cheaper land, feed and energy costs, explains why much of the nation's cheapest eggs are being produced in the Hawkeye State, food safety experts and industry critics say.

And again, while the "regulation-free" state is the masturbatory dream of the GOP, the money from the DeCosters goes into both parties pockets...

In Iowa on Monday, state Atty. Gen. Tom Miller agreed to return a $10,000 campaign contribution from Peter DeCoster, Austin DeCoster's son, made in 2005, after he was criticized by his Republican opponent.

And naturally, what lessons do conservatives draw from this disgusting and shameful incident?

Look no further than the comments:

BobTheduck at 2:22 AM August 31, 2010

As with most other food products, if you check the people who perform the work that ws not done correctly (cleaning) you will find illegal aliens NOT doing their job.


Anonymous said...

conservative mantra: Stuff (shit) happens. vox

jimmiraybob said...

...you will find illegal aliens NOT doing their job.

Under the direct supervision of U.S. Citizens - likely Caucasian and possibly even Tea Baggers - driving to increase productivity and profit while ignoring safety and infrastucture. The illegal alien-level worker has no power and only does what they are told to do, or not to do.

Hmmmmm. Intellectual fail. As anticipated.

Athenawise said...

But, regulation is SOCIALISM!

[Keels over with violent stomach cramps, bloody diarrhea and projectile vomiting from salmonella poisoning.]

[Struggles to stand. Shakes fist.]


Raoul Paste said...

Athenawise nails it.

The angry Fox crowd are such reliable dupes at this point that they will enthusiatically destroy their own lives.
While the cynical liars who mislead them couldn't care less.

heydave said...

I wonder when ex-governor governor wannabee Terry Braindead will try to pin this shit on Culver.

Privatize the Profits! Socialize the Costs! said...

The showdown is coming!

A cage match between the illegal aliens, the Feminazis, the Islamofascists and the abortionists for the coveted title of "THE ULTIMATE BOOGIEMAN"!

Major Woody said...

The solution, obviously, is to eliminate burdensome government regulations and let the free market solve the problem. Tell it to the invisible hand!

pansypoo said...

killing family farms and corporatizing everything is such a good idea.

omen said...

they feed chicken poop to cattle.

omen said...

athenawise, that's not even satire, it's real life:

"My children will suffer because of this [obama] health care bill," the concerned woman loudly told Hagan . The woman said she's raising two chronically ill children who have been under anesthesia 50 times in the last 14 years.

"We live in the hospital. We don't want this," she said.

"I am glad your that children live in our country," Hagan calmly responded.

"I don't want free health care. Because I will sell everything I own to pay for my children because this is America." the concerned parent said.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, my parents have been telling me of the conditions at a different Iowa egg factory near my hometown. The 18 hour work days at less than minimum wage, employees being fired because they get injured at work and those are the legal workers. Disgusting, disgusting places.