Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Everything's coming up Corpses Roses

What an awesome idea this all was, this splendid little multi-trillion dollar war.

BAGHDAD – A suicide bomber blew himself up Tuesday among hundreds of army recruits who had gathered near a military headquarters in an attack officials said killed 60 and wounded 125, one of the bloodiest bombings in weeks in the Iraqi capital.


Montag said...

One more excuse to add to the list, justifying why we "just can't leave right now."

Does no one in this government have even a clue about the story of Pandora and her carry-on luggage?

pansypoo said...

it's good thing georgee got rid of saddam. now they can enjoy al qaeda + osama.

Mr. Hedley Bowes said...


or is that derisive?

omen said...

what if china had refused to buy our debt? what would that have changed?

Olives and Arrows said...

It's decisive victory, Hedley. Even our fifth column media has reluctantly admitted this as reality.

hahaha ....So enjoyable watching you losers writhe in agony because the USA and freedom has won yet another victory!