Monday, August 16, 2010

Killing ourselves with praise

We've pretty much spent the last 30 years telling ourselves we can never criticize the military ... and now we cannot criticize the CIA except when they are not assholes.

Well, look where that's got us now:

At first, the news from Yemen on May 25 sounded like a modest victory in the campaign against terrorists: an airstrike had hit a group suspected of being operatives for Al Qaeda in the remote desert of Marib Province, birthplace of the legendary queen of Sheba.

But the strike, it turned out, had also killed the province’s deputy governor, a respected local leader who Yemeni officials said had been trying to talk Qaeda members into giving up their fight. Yemen’s president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, accepted responsibility for the death and paid blood money to the offended tribes.

The strike, though, was not the work of Mr. Saleh’s decrepit Soviet-era air force. It was a secret mission by the United States military, according to American officials, at least the fourth such assault on Al Qaeda in the arid mountains and deserts of Yemen since December.

This two pronged-strategy of bashing American Muslims domestically and firing missiles into Muslim nation's internationally -- "The Krauthammer Strategerium" sure seems like a "real winner" -- no possible blow-back at all.


Montag said...

There is only one strategery. There has always been only one strategery. There will always be just one strategery.

Keep the neverending war going at all costs.

Athenawise said...

After all, Atta, this is a Project for the New American Century.

And, what Montag said.

pansypoo said...

a hammer to kill fly not working?

FastMovingCloud said...

Really, Atta! What part of " winning hearts and minds" don't you get?!

Major Woody said...

Aw, they're just being overly sensitive. Don't they realize it's accidental collateral civilian death... of freedom!

Olives and Arrows said...

-- no possible blow-back at all.

"Blow-back",... huh?

That's odd!
The Islamists have been attacking Western liberal targets, both long before, and well after 9/11.
As a matter of fact there have been at least 15,841 deadly terror attacks since 9/11. "Blow-back" (as you call it)... after murdering almost 3000 people in a singular day?

As another matter of fact the Islamists have been perpetrating blow-back murder against the infidel for over 1400 years, now.

omen said...

soo true. can't find it now but huffpo pointed to a neat study that showed how moderate islam reduces radicalism. knowing that sheds a new light on the issue. this center would have helped cultivate that. yet here we are rejecting even moderate muslims. that'll just turn into disillusionment with the danger of it developing into radicalism.

it's in our national interest to support moderates. most of our lefty talkers in media are failing to making this argument.