Monday, August 30, 2010

Those weren't rally caps

Well, I take some time off and I miss the latest boring rally for 87,000 people with the body mass of 174,000. Say what you will about Nuremberg n the 1930s, but those people did basic cardio (it was all the putsching and pogroming).

It was interesting that Beck picked the Anniversary of the “I have a Dream Speech” and then hid the Lincoln Memorial from spectators so they could more easily reflect in his pasty countenance. I now realize it wasn’t just to give affront to the meaning of the day – it was also scheduled for this weekend because NASCAR Sprint Series took had no race planned.

However, what I understand to be amongst the most bizarre aspects of white people “Reclaiming Civil Rights Day" was one of two members of the St. Louis Cardinals taking the time to give the other an award for Celestial Awesomeness, or staying off the list of PED users or something.
Continuing the legacy of the Cardinals and the Civil Rights Movement:

When Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier with the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947, there had reportedly been sentiment among some Cardinals players that the team go on strike rather than face Robinson.

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StonyPillow said...

Medicare provides the means for angry old white farts to get out of the house and rant against Medicare.

Confusion, agitation, restlessness. We have to keep 'em alive, I suppose, but it's a trial.

And welcome back, Doc.

policomic said...

One more reason to hate Tony LaRussa (who a Twin Cities sportswriter aptly dubbed "Captain Smug").

Anonymous said...

beckkk knows who his fans are.

omen said...

now if obama ever gives a speech at the lincoln memorial, beck will say that's an insult to him.

and palin wasn't being subtle wearing all white.

omen said...

another weird parallel in history.

omen said...

the cardinal links are broken.