Sunday, August 29, 2010

And His Point Is ... ?

A fashion-forward attendee at Glen Beck's I Have a Scheme rally.

By the way, "Mauitania" is due northwest of "Bukina Fatso".


drunken hausfrau said...

His point is: We should still own slaves, also, too.

That's the Amurica they want to "restore!"

dumbassery on parade. And proud of it!

jimmiraybob said...

On Toic: As a gracefully aging and white guy, I'm getting tired of being "represented" by the most unlearned, moronic and only slightly-disquised, most bigoted sector of America when it comes to the Tea Bagger "Real America" Beckistanian segment of the country. Stop. You are a walking, motorized-scooter-riding embarrassment of badly spelled non-sequiturs and gurgled inanities. No, Jesus and a firearm is not a political solution. You do not know or understand King. And as a pre-emptive shot, you cannot "reclaim" Muhammad Ali either.

This is just a tad off topic, but haven't seen it mentioned. If the top end estimates of the number of Beckonauts at the rally is correct (87,000-97,000), that's about the same as or less than the capacity of about a dozen of the largest college football stadiums (with Michigan and Beaver stadiums with over 107,000 capacity).

Or, from my neck of the woods, about 2 professional baseball-games worth of stadium attendance (assuming less than capacity turnout).

Given that Beck, Faux News, the modern "Black Robed Regiments" (evangelical religious leaders), and Tea Bag Nation (including the Republican party/movement conservative coalition) were promoting this for the last 6 months I'm not impressed with the turnout.

I'd also assume that at least 10-20% were there out of curiosity and not affiliation, or were reporting on it in some capacity, or were tourists trying to get a better view of some kinda strange brouhaha.

Weak. Very weak.

Thanks, I needed that.

pansypoo said...

subliminalalism. hawaii is african.

Montag said...

Tells you what I know. I thought it was the capital of Maui....

J Neo Marvin said...

Haitians own slaves? Learn something new every day.