Sunday, August 29, 2010

We Now Return You to Your Regularly Scheduled Summer

After a nice little interlude it's hot again here, but it's fake-hot. Ninety-three degrees on August 29th is not ninety-three degrees on July 3rd, which sucks utterly. The sun's not high enough in the sky to make the heat a real nuisance, and I don't dread this week, which promises 90F+ every day, like I would if it were the second week in July.

Still, just did a few errands outside and everyone in the streets looks weird and/or decrepit. It's as though, as watertiger said, everyone is shedding their summer skins.


Monkeyfister said...


Keep a close eye on Hurricane Earl.


res ipsa loquitur said...

Will do, MF.

Watching the effects of Danielle today.


pansypoo said...

so, not so humid. good for the farmers tho. the bell peppers are taking over. goodness knows what the zucchini are doing. said...

The beans are prolific in my garden at this time - nice sized bag of them every night for dinner.