Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Question for this morning

What bizarre and just shake your head and do a double take statement will the right-wingers make on Faux News this morning?

Here are our guesses:

1. Sarah Palin will tell America that the Democrats better look out for the “Mama Wolverines” – lipstick and claws will become their battle cry.

2. An oil industry consultant will discuss how Barak Obama is the reason for the BP Oil spill because he secretly planted an explosive device.  There will be many charts, graphs, and displays which “will demonstrate how Obama could have accomplished this very simple act.”  The conclusion of the show will feature a re-enactment of how they believed this happened.

3. Bill O’ will attack the rabid scourge of environmental bunny slippers.

4. On Fox and Friends, the Friends will wonder whatever happened to Al Franken’s “funny bone”?  Because after all, he as supposed to bring the fun back to the senate.

5. A member of the Reagan family will show up on Huckabee and decry the liberal state of the GOP.  They will both talk about how so many members of the Republican party are just “too damn liberal.”

6. A concerned group of Tea Baggers will show up on air waving home-made ‘Merican flags and will bring tea kettles to the hosts because we all know that kettles are as American as apple pie, fully automatic assault rifles,  and anti-Obama outrage.

7.  Some financial company CEOs will appear on the network decrying the vicious coverage of the liberal media on the financial crisis.  The discussion will center on how wrong the media has it when they focus on the “irresponsibility” of these very caring and responsible money managers.  At one point, one of the CEOs will break down and talk about how he can no longer afford to jet over to Europe to buy expensive luxury cars.

8. All of the above?

What do you think will happen?


Michael said...

Newt Gingrich will whine about secular socialism, loose morals, Muslims and/or Nazi Germany.

He will use the phrase "Quite frankly..." at some point.

No one will note that he's a hypocrite and a disgrace.

jimmiraybob said...

The conclusion of the show will feature a re-enactment of how they believed this happened.

The computer-graphics simulation of Obama blowing up the rig will be saved by the Republicans for use as evidence at Obama's impeachment hearings should they ever get enough power to get things rolling.

pansypoo said...

i think save the embryo is in the batting circle.

or islam is still getting good jazz hands.

Unknown said...

Another White Wonderbread party? If you were playing a drinking game where you had to take a swig everytime you see a black person at one of these events, you'd still be completely sober at the end of the day.