Friday, August 13, 2010

They'll never be satisfied until we bomb every brown person on Earth

Glenn Greenwald takes a metaphorical 2x4 to Jeffrey Goldberg -- who well, of course, feel nothing as he keeps pleading for somebody to bomb something:

This is what a propagandist, by definition, does: asserts any claim as fact in service of a concealed agenda without the slightest concern for whether it's true. Will the existence of a vast and menacing Iraqi nuclear program help my cause (getting Americans to attack Iraq)? Fine, then I'll trumpet that. Now, however, it will help my cause (mainstreaming an attack on Iran) to claim that the Israelis permanently ended Iraq's nuclear efforts in 1981, thus showing how well these attacks can work. No problem: I'll go with that. How can anyone take seriously -- as a Middle East expert and especially as a journalist -- someone with this blatant and thorough of an estrangement from any concern for truth?

This looks like a job for Rupert Murdoch and Roger Aisles, this Goldberg guy needs to guest on the next nine-dozen episodes of Fox & Douche!


StonyPillow said...

Swarthy brown people, please.

Montag said...

Hmmph. I think I'm entitled to piss on this country's right-wing militarists any time I please, if only because, unlike Goldberg, I served in this country's military, rather than Israel's.

When these idjits get their priorities and their loyalties--and their facts--straight, I'll listen to them. Until then, they're just, as Greenwald says, rank propagandists, in favor of something for which they themselves will not have to suffer.

jimmiraybob said...

...someone with this blatant and thorough of an estrangement from any concern for truth?

The problem is in the use of "truth". There is the kind of truth derived from objective and varifiable facts, which I find persuasive*, and there is the TRUTH that represents a larger metaphisical "truth" not necessarily tethered to objective reality - e.g., my strongly held gut feeling tells me ____, therefore, made up facts will do to support my larger TRUTH because TRUTH trumps truth.

This is the David Barton, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Brietbartian mode of truthiness (you know, modern movement conservatism).

*and which historically has provided a superior mechanism for decission making.

So, I'd rephrase, "...someone with this blatant and thorough of an estrangement from any concern for objective, fact-based, consistent, most reflective of verifiable reality, most reliable, and least likely to get a bunch of people needlessly killed truth?"

pansypoo said...

andandand war is a stimulus. right georgee?