Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Uh, say what?

The New York Times, pays salaries for this kind of writing and editing:
You can agree with everything that Rachel Maddow or Ed Schultz say on MSNBC and still oppose their right to say it.


Athenawise said...

The screed was written by Alessandra Stanley, well-known for errors and sloppiness in her writing. She's a lightweight who gives media criticism a bad name. Nothing to see here.

Brooklyn Girl said...

I saw that piece; she drew a fals analogy betweent MSNBC and Fox. She needs to be reminded of the words of Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan: "you are entitle to your own opinions. You are not entitled to your own facts."

Brooklyn Girl said...

And I obviously have a hard time typing when I am pissed off. :-)

pansypoo said...

so, now they are revisioning the bill of rights?

Montag said...
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Montag said...

If this didn't happen so frequently, I'd be inclined to think this was editors' day off at the NYT.

But, shit, the government has been hell-bent on turning the Bill of Rights into a tea cozy, so why shouldn't the NYT, too?

Aaron said...

Now, to be fair, if you remove enough context you can find support for her beliefs through the selective quotation of any number of great Americans. For example, Patrick Henry's famous saying, "Give me death!" or Thomas Jefferson's assertion, "Tyranny needs to gain a foothold".

And let's not forget, Voltaire was French.

Anonymous said...

I thank Murdoch every day for Fox News and The Simpsons, and for making it possible to write honest journalism for once.

British style journalism has been good for this country.

Mr. Hedley Bowes said...

The First Amendment is now a subscription service.

Love that yellow tabloid journalism, Onanymous.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Hedley Bowes, I love it all.
Free speech is free speech.
You can't have serious journalism without yellow journalism.

I want right wing journalism and left wing journalism; I do not want middling mediocre "objective" objectively nationalist pablum.

My favorite journalist, Nir Rosen

"imagine if that one taliban commander had not screwed up my plans to go with them when they conducted attacks… wouldnt it make for a fun read?”


Anonymous said...

I knew STanley was on my "hmmm" list but until that article--maybe pair it with the "Obama a braggart" article today (not by Stanley but BAD, oh boy; can we not hear the memos whirring through the RNC as I type?)--I hadn't focused on her. It was an ad hominem (word?) takedown. Has the NYT ever done this for Faux?
-- report

Anonymous said...

I would go along with the idea that MSNBC is FOX News's evil twin...

...if you can have an evil twin FOUR HOURS A DAY, not 24/7...

No. Prime time doesn't count for any more than four hours in the reality-based world.


Daddy Love said...

They're not the rights creators, my friends.

Aaron said...

Was this intended as a joke?

"I thank Murdoch every day for Fox News and The Simpsons, and for making it possible to write honest journalism for once.

"British style journalism has been good for this country.

1. Rupert Murdoch is Australian, not British.

2. While there's nothing wrong with thanking Murdoch for The Simpsons, let's recall that Fox News threatened to sue The Simpsons for making fun of its news ticker, and The Simpsons has depicted Murdoch in an unflattering light (to his credit, Murdoch did the voice for his parody character).

3. Britain doesn't like Murdoch's style, some of his key people are facing criminal charges, and the associated scandal has severely diminished his reputation.

Journamalism at its finest....

Anonymous said...

Aaron Larson, read Nir Rosen.
Murdoch got his start in Australia: I slipped you quibble. But he's a US citizen now, so what do you say?

The US press is better thanks to Fox, though it took the web to make it obvious. The British press is the model for all of the substantive journalism we have, that includes Salon, TPM and the rest. TPM is not "objective" it's not "neutral". It's pro Democrat, pro Israel and pro USA. I'm none of the above, but the subjectivity is open, so honest.

Objectivity is impossible, engagement is obligatory.
Go forth young man, and grow up.

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