Monday, November 05, 2012

Well THAT'S inspirational

Mitt Romney had an early morning rally in Michigan yesterday, one of his many "home" states and one he is almost certain to lose -- possibly badly. But the 2,000 people the campaign says showed up (so you can guess that half were photoshopped in) heard Mitt make a rare truthful statement:
"It's made me strive to be more worthy of the support I have received across the country and to campaign as I would govern, to speak for the aspirations of all Americans, not just some Americans."
He wants to campaign and govern the same way?

So just doing what FoxNews tells him then?

Well, I guess it couldn't be worse than what I would expect -- I guess because that is exactly what I'd expect.

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StonyPillow said...

R-money is toast. Time to go off to the mines and silently gloat in the gloom of doomed Dittoheads (not interested in getting fired any time soon). Wednesday’s tears will be far sweeter than wine.

jimmiraybob said...

Why do I feel like the Romney people are using the Confederate States of America model....or maybe the more modern Apartheid South Africa model?

These people are pulling out all the "lynch the nig[clang]" tricks imaginable in the last days.

Just what we need is a president Jefferson Davis and his little lap buddy, Ayn Rand side kick.