Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I guess the Almighty is throwing craps after all

(Einstein shown just after Gandalf tricked him and he turned into stone - per Conservapedia, pic from j.colman at flickr.com)

Yesterday Watertiger made note of a study that America's Generation X was XIIth in the world in college degrees. As I'm at least a decade older than the nation's 25 to 34 year olds let me say "Suck It!", my generation was at least Top 5. And we didn't have Liberty U., Regent U., or even Kaplan U. (go Fightin' Strip Malls!).

I credit Art Fleming's Jeopardy over the inferior Alex Trebek's Jeopardy.

But really is this a decline in our national intellectual resources? We must bring on the analogies that disprove this finding. Conservatives you love analogies (wonder if that plays a role?) show me brains are for thinking, not eating:

Conservapedia founder and Eagle Forum University instructor Andy Schlafly -- Phyllis Schlafly's son -- has found one more liberal plot: the theory of relativity.

Oh for f**k's sake!

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DanF said...

Relativity is about relative things. And when you talk about relatives, you're talking family values, and who knows more about family values than Republicans? You damn libruls - Get a brian you morans!

Athenawise said...

Repubs are liars, hypocrites and slanderers. All is relative to them because IOKIYAR. Therefore, it is fitting they would blame libs for the Theory of Relativity.

Also, Repubs are too stupid to figure relativity out for themselves.

pansypoo said...

why i believe in devolution.

daver said...

Go ahead conservatards: just keep embarrassing yourselves

over and over and over. :-) :-) :-)

We love it.

The best thing about conservapedia is that the record is there to be scorned and mocked waay into the future - down the decades and centuries. Yep; still dumber than a box of wet rocks. What say you, Falstaff, "to this open and apparent shame?" roflmao.

Notice that, unlike wikipedia, you can't edit conservapedia without registering, or mocking scrawl would be pasted all over their pitiful pile of poo.

If only the willful ignorance of these stupid shitheads weren't wrecking the country.... (sigh)