Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Feeling de-based?

Ah yes, it really does appear that ol' Rahm and company including the President had the GENIUS idea that what you really, need to do is insult your already disenchanted base by spewing right-wing talking points about them.

Good job fellas, makes me want to really get out the old checkbook or work the phone list.

I make no claims to be a policy wonk, I'm just a guy who writes blog posts as therapy. But even I know it is time you guys do nothing but kiss our left-wing asses the next three months. It's what you do to avoid 24 months of checking the kerning on your certificate of live birth and investigating Michelle's socialist triceps. And just think about how it has come to that. It's reached that point even though the competition is a 'Costco Warehouse of Crazy'.

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Montag said...

You dance with them what brung you. Instead, it looks as if Obama is miffed that all his dance dates are leaving because he's ignored them while he's been busy sucking up to the kool kidz from Wall Street and the rich guys with oil wells and those big, strong boys in the fancy uniforms.

He's also going to discover how little all that fatcat cash gets him in the next election when he's alienated his erstwhile base.

Raoul Paste said...

What Attaturk said.

Anonymous said...

The problem (as Molly Ivins said) is that "them what brung ya" are large corporate donors.

We need public campaign finance, and instant run-off elections, now, so we can get some people in office who actually empathize with and share our values.

_Fuck_these dims: they do _not_ share our values.

pansypoo said...

i understand o trying to rebuild bi-partisanship, but the moderate rite wing is in the democrat party. for change, you have to steer left. but the pony liberals also need to stop.

omen said...

there was a dem "strategist" who defended gibbs. she acted as if leftwing criticism of gibbs was an attack on obama, and was borne out of racism.

get that? unless the base shuts up, puts up with being insulted and marches in lock step in blind obedience, we're being racist.

Major Woody said...

You mean to tell me that the Democratic establishment is hostile toward the left? Well, I'm just shocked, shocked I say!