Tuesday, January 18, 2011

America's Concern Troll

Poor Richard Cohen, a man so unappreciated for his self-proclaimed gifts.

He's a better "comedian" than Stephen Colbert.

He's a better "lover" than Bill Clinton.

And he's a better "speaker" than Barack Obama.


bill said...

I wonder if he is a better golfer than Kim Jong Il?

DanF said...

He certainly knows more about being a douche than Massengill.

Cervantes said...

He's a better writer than Bonzo. Maybe.

pansypoo said...

more delusional than palin! impressive!

Anonymous said...

yet he seems to get everyone here's attention. Keeping it is quite another thing.

StonyPillow said...

Richard Cohen said something laughably stupid.
The sun rose in the east this morning.
And no, I didn't click. Haven't deliberately opened a WaPoS page this year. I prefer not to.
Their last-ditch attempt to survive by becoming the NYT of the right is failing miserably. Those anti-American morons don't read. And nobody told Fred Hiatt.
Die already, WaPoS.

Anonymous said...

He looks like an Ewok, too. An Ewok with nerdy glasses.

I guess this means he thinks he's a better director than George Lucas.