Sunday, January 30, 2011

This week

Is always the worst sports week in the world -- if you are a football fan. First, there's no football -- well, real "American" football, the Pro Bowl is the worst of all the all-star games.

Plus, this is the preview of what every weekend is like for the next several weeks of miserable cold weather.

On the other hand, I get more work done on Sunday.

...Yeah, I'm that dull.


pansypoo said...

i don't think i ever watched a pro-bowl anything.

Anonymous said...

57 degrees here in central new mexico (normally it would be 38 and windy...)

can't see what all the fuss is about.... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Work? This? You must have a daytime job.

Fixer said...

American football ... feh. The English FA Cup 4th Round was this weekend. Huddersfield v. Arsenal was an excellent match, so was Southampton v. ManU (hate ManU)

Anonymous said...

Lemmee see....this weekend:

UConn, #5, loses at home to #23 Louisville in double OT.
Marquette upends #9 Syracuse.
#21 Georgetown wins at 8th ranked Villanova by three.
Top-ranked Ohio State wins by one with a free-throw against Northwestern! That's 13-8 Northwestern!
Michigan State wins by one in OT over Indiana.
Unranked Penn State beats #17 Wisconsin.
Rutgers scares the crap out of #2 Pittsburgh.
And NUMBER ONE Duke - DUKE! - get bitch-slapped by St. Johns.

If this "is the preview of what every weekend is like for the next several weeks of miserable cold weather" - bring it on! You need more than one sport, laddie.

Note: Louisville at Georgetown tonight at 7PM EST.

Anonymous said...

God it is awful; they should get rid of it. Everyone knows it's a joke, esp. the commentators, who can't/won't even disguise their own contempt for it.

If they must play it, they should at least let all the air out of the football.

pansypoo said...