Sunday, January 23, 2011

Well except for one

In a rather damning op-ed on the activities of many Supreme Court justices, but particularly Scalia, these sentences stand out:

Justice Clarence Thomas, who is known for his utter silence during oral arguments. Outside the court, though, he has denounced our society's "focus on our rights" and the "proliferation of rights" protecting citizens.

Except for the "right" to own as many guns as you want of course, Thomas knows the value of fetishes.


libhom said...

Nothing says sexual inadequacy like an obsession with guns...or sexual harassment.

DrDick said...

You forgot the right of Supreme Court Justices not to report blatant conflicts of interest or their wives' incomes.

pansypoo said...

serfs need to behave and do what they are told.

Anonymous said...

That court has no cred with those two stinking the place up.