Monday, January 17, 2011

The Breathing

Many have posted about Palin's "breathing" only video.

I still prefer it in its original presentation, even with the mandated laugh-track:


jimmiraybob said...

This smacks of the tyranny of persecution and the persecution of tyranny!! Sarah merely epitomizes the breath of sweet sacred Liberty if the Statue of Liberty herself could breath out loud. Oh mockers of Liberty and doomers of our Republican tree of holy rebellion, by the reflected glare of the dawn's early teleprompter light off the glasses of FREEDOM, repent!!

Also too!

pansypoo said...

mouth breather. duh.

Anonymous said...

how did you come up with a 30 year old clip morphed by Brenda v's breathing so closely to Sarah p's breathing?
Septum tweaked by glasses or sputum shifting the b.s. out? So much like fish she/they/we are vox

Redhand said...

Palin's breathing!! I can't recall the last time I laughed to hard at a video, almost choked. Brilliant!