Wednesday, January 26, 2011

There are better rituals

You know I bet the only guy crying more than John Boehner in the District of Columbia right now is Paul Ryan. Poor Ryan, he spent all day lifting quotes from The Fountainhead and shellacking his hair to a Reagan-like density only to be undercut by some discount magic-mirror lady from Romper Room. Hey, Michelle, at least Obama can read a teleprompter. Someday perhaps, Ryan will have his revenge.

And there, in a nutshell, is why the actual presentation of SOTU's suck. Quick name a really memorable one? The best part is seeing which "promising" Republican is going to crash and burn like Jindal vs. the Volcano. This year, we got two. Bonus!

Here's this year's SOTU in summary, you may recognize it next year when the only thing that changes is who is sitting next to the First Lady.

"Here's something almost half-way decent for the base --- psych! And here's a little something for the Washington Post Editorial Page. Now to demonstrate I'm not as crazy or dangerous as the other side -- though I'm also not nearly as entertaining. Oh, and the State of the Union is strong. See ya' in 2012!"

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Montag said...

Ain't that the truth. SOTU, according to the general requirements in the Constitution, is supposed to be an accounting, and not even does it have to be a regularly scheduled, once a year, event.

But, since no one in Washington is now ever held to account (hint, hint, Uncle Mulligan and every other conservative fraud and war criminal), there will be no genuine accounting.

Instead, we get party rah-rah-ism disguised as nationalistic, militaristic feel-good BS.

Given the actual state of the nation, we ought to be embarrassed by all this shadow play, but, we're not.

DanF said...

If the applause line contained a reference to helping business succeed, standing ovation. If the applause line was about helping the masses not fucking die, or investing in education and technology, golf claps. So all-in-all, an accurate reflection of our leaders and the state of the union.

jimmiraybob said...

If the applause line was about helping the masses not fucking die, or investing in education and technology, golf claps.

At least there were no audible mocking cat calls. I attribute this to the magical cloak of faux civility. Better to save the bile and mocking of education, the poor, the disabled, and elderly for Fox and "news" radio.

pansypoo said...

the speech was for the stupids.

Anonymous said...

woud doin away with SOTU, the SCOTUS, much brass and "elected" reps save the budget much?
It would surly save the teevee networks a lot of hype and lost ad revenues.