Sunday, January 30, 2011

Funny That

That one news agency that so many conservatives wanted to have bombed out of existence (including George Bush) when they were in Iraq and Afghanistan...and sort of got their wish...has become indispensable to pretty much the Western World over the last few days in Egypt.

So, naturally, the Egyptian Government is moving to shut Al Jazeera down.

It's what John Bolton would do.


DrDick said...

Repressive rightwing governments the world over agree, first we shut down Al Jazeera!

pansypoo said...

butbutbut we will get BBC. right? RIGHT?!?

Anonymous said...

things are in place, the die is cast, with or without a media, mubarak cannot last
30 years is long enough to swallow the conservative line
Not just in eygpt!

omen said...

at the same time, the rnc allowed AJ to cover their convention but dnc did not.

pansypoo said...

meh. how's it look in saudi arabia?