Tuesday, January 25, 2011

But where's the Fratricide Squad?

It's nice to have a blog that isn't too big sometimes. Every morning, as you readers know, I post at Firedoglake (and then fill up space here to satisfy my blog-OCD by cross-posting it here). It's tough to get up every morning early and literally get my brain working to write something (but not too long as that's my only real restriction...brevity).

And then I look at the comments and they degrade into the commentors commenting on who is a traitor to the cause now and writing America's suicide note on its behalf.

It's real inspiring I tell ya'.

But then again, if the left isn't turning on each other, it wouldn't be the left.

For example, over the weekend Jane Hamsher of FDL drove the one regular visitor Bradley Manning has had (at great personal sacrifice to himself) to visit Manning and was hassled by military officials at Quantico in the petty bullshit way they can. Depriving Manning of a visitor for the sake of their own agenda, as they have now essentially admitted.

And who's fault is that, according to other self-proclaimed leftists? Why Jane Hampsher of course via that classic of modern American rhetoric Mr. Ad and Ms. Hominem.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the most depressing thread in progressive blogging history (which is saying something as I always though my morning threads at FDL are up there sometimes). So sad that it was rebutted by another in the same blog, only to devolve into something that nearly tied it.


sukabi said...

the only thing I'll say on this is that it's pretty stupid to not have your car info updated and current...if for no other reason it will keep you from being pulled over for routine traffic stops and getting fined...

BUT, if you're a politically active, controversial person and you're going on a Marine base to visit an extremely high profile prisoner that's being held in questionable conditions and is the subject of INTENSE media coverage not to mention that the military and government is putting all his visitors (currently limited to one and his lawyer) under intense scrutiny, then it is BEYOND STUPID to not check your ID, insurance / registration prior to entering the base... it shows an extreme lack of foresight and judgment... unless it wasn't an oversight, then it's evil and stupid.

pansypoo said...

all they need is an excuse.

Raoul Paste said...

I'm also stunned by the reaction to Jane. It sounds like she did a brave thing.

If only she had a 60 Minutes crew in tow, complete with cameras. I'm sure they're busy covering something more important, like a shifty used car salesman.

Anonymous said...

some bloggers, like me, are lefties who get up early too, but clueless in how to figure out the cause of your depression.
Or just clueless...vox