Wednesday, January 26, 2011

And now America

You can see, in the dead, off-set eyes, of Michelle Bachmann the foresight of Minnesota's Founding Fathers in choosing the State Bird.


Anonymous said...

Hey, now, Iowa-boy! Leave the Minnesota state bird out of it.

I'm all for loons on the 10,000 lakes, but loons in the voting booths? That's how you end up with Michele Bachmann.

Wildlife lover

Attaturk said...

Actually, Minnesota born and raised until age 22.

Just moved to Iowa later, thereby being punished for all the jokes about it I made as a kid.

jimmiraybob said...

In defense of the Loon, Bachmann is just a totally batshit crazy human.... but lucid enough and attractive enough to remain un-institutionalized in a way that appeals to the modern Teabirchpublican voter.

She is more an act of revolutionary sabotage than a viable elected representative.

pansypoo said...

and DIVE DIVE DIVE for a clue.

Anonymous said...

I don't like her eyes. They seem unfocused on some distant uncommonly common item everyone needs--a restroom. vox