Monday, January 24, 2011

Disturbed genius

Amy Sidaris, like her brother is a somewhat appreciated genius.


pansypoo said...

i suppose their other sibling is either more sane, or completely insane.

Anonymous said...

She cracks me up. When her brother David describes her, as a 13 year old, putting on a wig, dragging on a cigarette, and calling their father at work, impersonating a woman friend - hilarious - what a family

Anonymous said...

the Indian look?
I quit right there.
David ain't funny either.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for bringing Amy up. I first saw her on Letterman - this bit:

It cracked me up. This lady has a very original and cracked sense of humor. A mediocrity like _Strangers with Candy_ doesn't do her justice (any more than it did Colbert justice.)

I would like to see her make a comic masterpiece - she has it in her. (She'd have to write a lot of it herself, and have good supporting talent.)

There are at least a dozen Letterman-Amy clips out on youTube. I recommend exploring whenever you're in the mood for some weird giggles.

Anonymous said...

...or perhaps she needs the right TV sitcom: manic, disastrous, Zippy-like non-sequiturs flying non-stop....

(i.e., Move to England, join the cast of _Shameless_?...)