Saturday, January 15, 2011

How long before Glenn Beck

Encourages Americans to be more like Tunisia? Our newest "non-scary for the time being even though we propped up their own tyrannical regime and the people there know it" muslim country?

Seriously, good for you Tunisians...this is the most attention America's given to you since Malcolm Forbes flew all his beards over to party there and Morocco.

Now let's see how many Teaparties can find Tunisia on a map?


pansypoo said...

it would be different than his usual?

Bruce Webb said...

In a real irony probably millions of people are at least vaguely familiar with 'Carthage', between Hannibal Crossing the Alps with Elephants, 'Carthago Delenda Est', 'seeding fields with salt'.

Tunisia just being the modern site.

At least it is a point of reference for the head scratchers who maybe, mighta not fallen asleep that day in Western Civ 1.

Anonymous said...

Will the shoe fit now that Tunisia has kicked out its govt?
Odd, was this giving the boot expected when you entered this post?