Friday, January 28, 2011

Since we're on an Egyptian kick

For...well, sadly, the first time ever, a great link for updates is at the Guardian.

...oh, and wither that self-promoting Egyptian Antiquities guy?


omen said...

al jazeera english live video stream.

Anonymous said...

Please, do you mean dry up "wither" or location "whither"?

pansypoo said...

good question.

StonyPillow said...

Time to walk like an Egyptian.

And BTW, Anonymous, one of the guiding principles of this establishment is that there are no misspellings. No exceptions, unless called by the proprietors.

Wither it is.

Anonymous said...

the people of Egypt feel gypped and are risking their lives for much needed change
the rich people of America feel gypped and meet at Rancho Rich Honchos to say "If not us, who?"
the middlin Mericans sit at their computers and see the polls, read the gnews, fall asleep...
dreaming of change.