Sunday, January 23, 2011

"Thanks Jay Cutler"

"Looks like I'm one more notch closer to the rabbit hole.


Steve Bartman"


StonyPillow said...

Favre favre, favreity favre-favre, favreful favring favrosity favre favre.

The Bears bit the dust, slain yet once again by a competent defense. This was not unexpected.

Good luck, Packers. You were the better team, by far.

pansypoo said...

1st string QB was not having a good day. #2 + #3 were doing, um, better.

jimmiraybob said...

Living in St. Louis, I've been witness to the mindset of the Chicago fan for nearing fifty years. If I'd been Cutler, I'd have crawled onto the field even if my leg had been amputated. He didn't. Now, they're burning his jersey.

I'd apply for the witness protection program.

My best to Lovey, the team and the fans. No, really.

pansypoo said...

well, it wasn't cutler's day for the 1st half. i hope our 2nd QB is better.