Thursday, January 20, 2011

Finally a way to make some money off my "Facts of Life" fan fiction

I own an Amazon Kindle and apparently it is rather easy to self-publish and you get to keep 70% of the revenue.

I know there's a huge market for the continuing adventures of Natalie and Tootie, the College Experimentation Years.

(Note, in a genre that is somewhere between Furries & Bears there actually is Facts of Life Fan-Fiction....I know, it does take away one's will to live)


charles pierce said...

I am going to get you for this.

pansypoo said...

OMG. what did humans do before technology? i am just embarrassed now i watched it as a child. not that i enjoyed it much.

Anonymous said...

it was all i could do to learn how to use a computer to get as far as this blog. Now I'm too old to learn 2 use a kindle, much less go get one so I can follow your self publishing adventures. I'll stay in the dim light over here, unobtrusive.. vox

pansypoo said...

i got more than enough books now to read. none published in the last 20 yrs. most pre 1950.

omen said...

i didn't realize until recently the environmental devastation that occurs mining for the rare earth elements required to make these gadgets.

it's needed to make solar panels and windmills too. what a perverse irony. we have to wreck the environment in order to save it.