Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Too many rights

Scalia went down and played his usual brand of armpit music for Michelle Bachmann's little group of teabaggers.

And the big message was apparently...Read the Federalist Papers.

First of all, "reading" is a bit presumptive when it comes to Bachmann.

Second, "read the Federalist" papers is a big ol' bromide for conservatives, though as someone who has read them, once you get past #10 and #51 (written by Madison) the rest are not so meaningful.

Except for this fact, one of the reasons the Federalist Society is big on the Federalist Papers is that they argued not only for the passage of the Constitution, but they argue for a Constitution WITHOUT a Bill of Rights. See Hamilton's #84. See Clarence Thomas' statement that American's have too many rights ("there's a Publius' hair on my Constitution").

The Bill of Rights was included ONLY as a compromise to get the Constitution passed. A key demand of the long-forgotten Anti-Federalists. And, naturally the original Bill of Rights that became the first 10 Amendments was written by Madison (i.e. the Founder who wrote the most important of the Federalist Papers, that damn flip-flopper!).


Athenawise said...

("there's a Publius' hair on my Constitution").

HAHAHA! I couldn't let that one go without comment, Atta. Brilliant. And, at 3:35 AM, too, if the time tag is accurate.

Sometimes, a post is so darned depressing -- Scalia, Thomas and Bachmann all in one -- that a person must find levity where she can.

pansypoo said...

which 'democrats'?

Anonymous said...

Publius? Who dat? One of those who writ for us dimwits?

Anonymous said...

Yes, Publius Madison, dimwit.
Suspected my own dimwittery.
A pseudonym was Ok then, Attaturk.
It's ok now, here. But try to write a letter to the Editor using an alias.
So much more could be said if we could.