Saturday, January 29, 2011

It's true

I really have no idea what Egypt will end up like if Mubarak falls...well it be improved, like saying under ElBaradai? Or will it have the Muslim Brotherhood call that shots?

Will it be more of a bloodbath?

Whatever it will be, it's the by-product of 50 years of support of repression over actually giving a shit about the people of a country -- which has been the calling card of Europe and then the United States since the dawn of the colonial period.


StonyPillow said...

Three hundred and twelve years, but what's a few centuries amongst friends?

And what about Israel? That's what's important here. said...

And: The Revolution Won't Be Twitterized

One the one hand I read that the Obama administration withheld some kind of funding to spark the uprising, on the other hand I read they are using tear gas supplied by a Carlyle Group company. The cannisters are stamped "Made In USA."

Aargh. Hearts and minds, people. Hearts and minds.

So our fingers are all over the place.

pansypoo said...

we better fucking pray el baradai.

Montag said...

To the U.S. foreign policy elite, El-Baradei is as much a terrorist as al-Qaeda, so there's not much difference to them.

After all, the only democracies we like in the world are those that we can control economically and militarily, and when El-Baradei was at the IAEA, the general perception was that he was a loose cannon, since he didn't tow the LittleBoots/DarthCheney/Kindasleezza line on Iraq.

Hell, if it were up to John Bolton, he'd rather have the craziest of the Islamic Brotherhood in charge. That way, we'd have another country to invade and occupy.

Anonymous said...

what goes around comes around.
at least this time no one has assasinated Mubarak.
Can you imagine what america would be like after 30 years under the boot of the NRA?
Oh, we have been? Time to get out from behind our little blue screens and into the streets!
I need some rocks.

pansypoo said...

has to be pro bizness.

omen said...

ross douthat is, disconcertingly, quoting lawrence wright.