Monday, January 17, 2011

Oh look, a jackass

Good thing there's no incitement going on from the right anymore:

The remaining members of the Iowa Supreme Court have proven they are immoral and “open enemies of God” by choosing Mark Cady as chief justice, and thus, all deserve to be impeached, according to conservative radio host Steve Deace and Republican Party of Iowa central committee member Wes Enos.

"Enemies of God"? Thanks Osama bin Morons.

Quite the legal scholars these two are of the slightly better than G.E.D. set.


Anonymous said...

This must be why you live in Iowa - always a party!!!

DrDick said...

Thank you, Iowa, Montana is looking somewhat better these days.

Anonymous said...

To be fair, being an "enemy of god" IS a capital offense in Iran.

And soon, Iowa. Where you can also get into trouble for being an "enemy of biology." (

pansypoo said...

party of WATBs.

their way is the ONLY way, goshdarnit.

Anonymous said...

Iowa still has Harkin as senator, though Grassley is consulted so much more for his "wise input."
Differences do matter.
In Kansas all are clones of the ominipotent band of XIAN brethern, serving their god, their wallets, their right to control any and all beneath their glowering ghastly ghosts of bleeding Kansas these, but warriors of Christian white supremacy.


Murr Brewster said...

I wouldn't think God would have much trouble with enemies. What with the smiting power, and all that.