Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Donkey Show

ACORN, Van Jones, and now Shirley Sherrod all quickly dispatched due to a heavily edited video by race-baiting provocateur Andrew Breitbart or a Glenn Beck tantrum.

Such bravery Mr. President, such an incredibly principled stand.

I mean you didn't even invite the woman and the white farmers she helped (and love her) over to the White House for a beer. Nope, you just let Vilsack force out her ass, because you were afraid of frauds like Breitbart and Glenn Beck.

And how's that working out for you?

She was expendable, to you at least.

You could, of course, overturn the especially spineless Tom Vilsack and hire her back -- but that would require a modicum of courage over convenience and I'm not sure Rahm will let you do that. He might make a scene and we know you like to avoid a situation that would cause a scene.

So, on to the next bit of heavily edited race-baiting which will no doubt cause you to immediately panic.

Very inspiring.

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StonyPillow said...

Add Rev. Jeremiah Wright to that list.

Major Woody said...

She doesn't need to be reinstated. She needs an apology, a substantial raise, full support in a defamation suit, and a promotion.

Anonymous said...

I never likeed Vilsack for that position from the second he was nominated. All too political and CYA.

And never have as your Ag. Secretary one from the "farm states". Far too cozy a relationship, esp. when they know they will be back in those farm states in four years and will be looking for their next paycheck.

Vilsack is expendable. Let him go. Publically.

pansypoo said...

this was low level shit i bet. i am glad it blew up and didn't thrown in the out box, but stubbornly remains on the desk.

post racial my ass. call fux gnews the race baters they are.