Sunday, July 18, 2010


Remember how I never complained about Reagan's massive budget deficits?

I don't, but they tell me I didn't.


Montag said...

By now, I doubt that Broder even remembers who Ronald Reagan was, let alone what he did.

But, he still gets a thrill up his leg, a sort of reaction of the autonomic nervous system, when he hears the name.

Anonymous said...

Has the paper no shame to keep using Broder's name to continue to claim fair and balanced acclaim for all those discredited lower bowel pains?

Anonymous said...

since raygun and georgee are now mythic in the republikkkklan mind, reality does not apply.


Lucifer said...

Deficits don't, matter.

Anonymous said...

He did complain about Reagan's deficits, although he didn't point out that Reagan's deficits were almost an order of magnitude higher than Carter's. He also thought that the deficits were impossible to fix, so he never mentioned the surpluses created by Clinton's relatively minor tax increases -- maybe because Broder was too busy watching Matlock!